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Iraqi Women Parliamentarians Caucus Meets To Plan For New Session


83 Iraqi lawmakers, representing 25% of the Council of Representatives, have gathered together with United Nations representatives to plan the activities of the upcoming session of the Women Parliamentarians Caucus.

SULAIMANI — The Iraqi Women Parliamentarians Caucus held a meeting to plan its activities for the coming session, according to a statement by UN Women on Thursday (November 23).

In the new parliament, there are 83 female lawmakers, which represents just over 25% of the 239-member body. The Council of Representatives has a constitutionally mandated gender quota of 25%.

While Iraq trails many Western European states and the Americas in terms of percentage of women serving as MPs, it is above average for the region, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

UN Special Representative for Iraq Jan Kubis has made women’s representation and empowermenta focus of his tenure. He has repeatedly expressed his disappointment at the fact that no women have been appointed to senior positions in the new government.

Last month, the UN launched its Second National Action Plan for women, peace, and security.

The meeting of the caucus was chaired Ala Talabani of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), who had been elected as the head of the group at an earlier meeting.

According to the statement, which was posted on Facebook, the meeting was supported by UN Women with the participation of the UN Development Programme and the National Democratic Institute.

Article: NRT

Image: Facebook/UN Women