Iraqi Security Forces Secure Iraqi-Syrian Border With Drones and Thermal Cameras


Iraqi Security Forces are investing in drones and thermal cameras to monitor and secure the Iraqi-Syrian border from ISIS infiltration. 

The Iraqi Security Forces have turned to modern technology to monitor and secure the Iraqi-Syrian border. Modern drones and thermal cameras are to be introduced so that Border Guard Forces can surveil the border around the clock. The use of advanced surveillance equipment and exploration drones comes under a broad plan by the Iraqi Border Guard Force leadership to introduce new strategies that ensure the border is safe from ISIS infiltration at all times.

“We have succeeded, and this is the third test after we had trouble in landing and flying distance. The drones were flying between 2-5 km, and this generation can travel about 60 km,” stated a Border Guard Force official. “In addition, these modern drones do not need a runway during landing as they land like a helicopter. Moreover, the accuracy of photography is very high”.

The Director of the Information Technology Department of the Border Guard Forces Command has stated that development of border surveillance and the use of modern technology will reduce the force’s dependency on manpower. With the help of drones and thermal cameras, they will be able to secure the vast distance of the Iraqi-Syrian border strip.

These developments come alongside a wider investment into anti-ISIS capabilities by the Iraqi Security Forces after the International Coalition stepped back its involvement due to US-Iran tensions. Although joint anti-ISIS operations have now resumed, the ISF is continuing to ensure it is well-equipped to handle ISIS attacks itself.

ISS-linked attacks along the Iraqi-Syrian border have increased in recent months, taking advantage of instability caused by recent clashes in Syria and wider regional tensions. The on-going protests in Iraq also serve to distract the ISF from the threat of ISIS militants. However, their investment into new, modern technology shows they are continuing efforts to fight the militants and protect the border.