Iraqi Security Forces Strengthen their Positions on the Iraqi-Syrian Border


With the help of locally sourced intelligence, the Iraqi security forces and the Popular Mobilisation Forces have been undertaking security operations at the Iraq's border with Syria.

Iraq’s border with Syria is the scene of numerous security operations involving a number of military and security units on both sides of the border. The security operations were carried out with thanks to accurate intelligence input provided by civilians living close to these areas.

One Iraqi army officer told reporters that the border fence has been equipped with barbed wire, observation towers, an anti-infiltration system, additional forces, and a surveillance system in order to prevent terrorists from approaching or infiltrating.

The fortifications carried out by Iraqi army units, along with border forces, according to another army officer, are to prepare security forces to successfully repel strikes by ISIS.

Whilst security forces are currently stationed south of the Euphrates, where they have secured control of the area, their intelligence units and drones continue to monitor surrounding areas. So far, intelligence reports indicate that the forces have carried out several successful strikes using artillery and sorties from the Iraqi Air Force, enforced by thermal cameras for monitoring purposes. 

This operation is part of a wider effort by the Iraqi army to rid the country of ISIS remnants in the form of sleeper cells following the militant group’s military defeat.

On Wednesday, Iraqi security forces killed 10 ISIS militants and arrested five others during a counter-terrorism operation in Anbar province.

Moreover, last week the ongoing Will of Victory operation aimed at targeting ISIS sleeper cells in rural Iraqi provinces ended its third phase, with leaders of the operation vowing that it will continue until all terrorist cells in the territories are eliminated.