Iraqi Security Forces Continue their Anti-ISIS Operations


The multipronged anti-ISIS operations are being conducted by the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in the Anbar Province of Iraq. 

The fourth phase of the anti-ISIS “Will of Victory” military operation, which was initiated around mid-July, was launched at the end of last week. It is focused on clearing ISIS from its hidden bases in the Anbar Province of Iraq.

The intelligence units involved in the operations have gathered information from ISIS militants that have been captured and from their seized equipment in order to track and detect other elements of the group in the region.

The security units are making use of surveillance cameras, thermal sensors, satellite images and drone images, provided with the assistance of Coalition aircraft, in order to facilitate the detection of ISIS elements.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abdel Mehdi visited the Anbar Operations Command Centre where he emphasised the necessity for close cooperation between the various military units involved, mainly including the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU).

In the most recent developments, the PMU announced the clearance of four villages in addition to the Malsali Valley west of Akashat District and the Sawab Valley in western Anbar. On Tuesday (27th August), the Commander of the Amriyah District PMU, Salah al-Issawi, announced that the fourth phase of the “Will of Victory” Operations had ended, with the security forces achieving all of its objectives, including the destruction of ISIS hideouts and vehicles.

Reports emanating as a result of these operations state that the presence of ISIS in the Anbar region had been overestimated and their numbers inflated.

Progress is also being made against ISIS in Kirkuk Province, north of the capital city Baghdad. The Intelligence Unit of the Federal Police was able to destroy an ISIS hideout in Hashisha Valley and an ISIS weapons arsenal in the village of Nawfala in Kirkuk, which contained C4 explosive material and other bomb-making equipment.