Iraqi Security Forces clear areas in Diyala Province from ISIS sleeper cells


In a effort to rid the villages north of Jalawla and Miqdadiyah of ISIS remnants, the third phase of the “Will of Victory” operation began.

As Iraqi Security Forces bid to clear the villages in Iraq’s Diyala Province from remnants of ISIS activity, the third phase of the Will of Victory operation has now been launched.

A key priority for this phase is to clear areas north of the towns of Jalawla and Miqdadiyah and the banks of the Diyala River from ISIS sleeper cells. It was here that sites used by terrorists were recently found to contain supplies and explosives.

Since the start of the third phase, areas north of Diyala – from Khanaqin towards Lake Hamrin – have already been cleansed with only a few pockets remaining as the operation continues rapidly. 

The leaders of the operation have said that it will continue until all terrorist cells in the territories are eliminated. Will of Victory is being coordinated with the authorities of the Kurdistan region to ensure that militants associated with terror groups do not escape, as well as to cut off their supply lines.

High coordination between all security and military units and the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMU), as well as with the support of the Army and Iraqi Air Force, has contributed to meeting the objectives of the second phase of the Will of Victory operation.

ISIS, despite its military defeat in Iraq, continues to threaten the livelihoods of ordinary Iraqis, operating mostly from sleeper cells in the desert regions spanning the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh in the north of Iraq, all the way up to the border with Syria.

This military operation has been launched by branches of the Iraqi Armed Forces and the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU), along with tribal units in the region also cooperating with the armed forces.