Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces take control of Wadi Hajar from ISIS in West Mosul

In the Battle for Mosul, Iraqi Security Forces continue to make swift progress in liberation operations to oust ISIS from the western part of the city.

Over recent days, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces have managed to capture the Wadi Hajar region in the south of Mosul’s Right Bank, taking the total number of liberated districts and villages to approximately 30.

Also approaching from the south, Federal Police forces regained control over the Jawsaq and Tayaran neighborhoods, and seek to move into Dawasah and al-Dandan neighborhoods.

General Abd al-Amr Yarallah, who is leading military operations in Mosul, also mentioned that his forces have also managed to control the fourth bridge from both eastern and western banks.

In other developments in the west of the city, Iraqi forces announced that they have secured the main road linking Mosul to the western town of Tel Afar.

This is a significant achievement for the Iraqi army as it cuts off access between ISIS’ Tel Afar stronghold and the west of Mosul, preventing the terrorist group from moving supplies between the two points.

Along with the capture of the fourth bridge, this move is part of a tactic to hem in ISIS militants and block off all escape routes from the city.

As military operations continue, civilians of Mosul are leaving the city in their thousands to avoid being caught up in the fighting.

According to the United Nations, 16,000 people have already left their homes, and expected the number of displaced to reach a quarter of a million.