Iraqi Counter Terrorism forces find ISIS weapons storage in Mosul

Following further gains during the second phase of operations to liberate Mosul from ISIS, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces have discovered a weapons storage belonging to the group, which contains rockets, ammunition and IEDs, among other nefarious items used to target Iraqi forces, the Federal Police and the army.

The storage area was transformed like many buildings and homes in Mosul into a weapons-making and weapons-storing facility. Yesterday, Iraqi forces liberated Mosul’s industrial zone, the site of one of ISIS’s largest car-bomb-making factories in the city.

Fears are rising that many other storage and production facilities exist that contain high-grade and intelligently-conceived weaponry, particularly weaponised drones that are starting to be more common in the battle on the ground in Iraq.

But with ISIS on the back foot and 47 neighbourhoods liberated by Iraqi forces thus far in the east of Mosul, there is hope that these weapon stores will be found, and the dangerous material removed and destroyed, before they can be used to target Iraqi forces and civilians.

Furthermore, Iraqi forces removing weapons and IEDs from ISIS storages have put them on display in an exhibition in the town of Bartella, which was liberated in October 2016. The aim of this: to warn future generations of the dangers of such weaponry and to highlight the “spread of death” that ISIS has produced in Mosul.