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Iraqi Federal Court Upholds Law Mandating Recount of Votes


Weeks after the Iraqi Parliament passed an amendment to the Iraqi Voter law demanding a full recount and cancellation of the IDP and expat votes, the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court has announced that it supports a manual recount of all votes but rejects the cancellation of IDP and expat votes.

Iraqi Federal Supreme Court on Thursday (June 21) announced its support for the amendment of elections law passed by the Iraqi parliament, mandating recount of votes across the country.

The federal court held a meeting on Thursday to discuss complaints filed against the amended elections law.

Chief Justice Madhad al-Mahmoud said in a press conference that the parliament’s session held on June 6 was constitutional, confirming recount of votes are “correct”.

Mahmoud added the cancelation of diasporas, displaced and Peshmerga forces’ votes was constitutional.

“The Supreme Federal Court finds that parliament’s decision was to organize the electoral process and restore voter confidence in the electoral process; it was within parliament’s constitutional rights and does not contradict the constitution,”Mahmoud said.

“This cancellation … presents a squandering of votes and confiscation of the will of voters in these areas which violates constitutional articles that guarantee the right to equality and voting.”

The Iraqi parliament approved an amended elections law on June 6, ordering a nationwide manual recount of votes in the parliamentary election because of widespread reports of fraud.

The electronic count of the votes from all polling stations, as well as votes cast by the diaspora and internally displaced people were annulled by the legislation adopted by the Iraqi parliament.

The parliamentary session came amid widespread reports of vote rigging and after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that there had been “dangerous” violations.

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