Iraq to repatriate bodies of 50 Ezidi women killed by ISIS in Syria


The Iraqi Ministry for Displacement and Migration is seeking to repatriate the bodies of Ezidi victims of ISIS' brutality.

Iraq’s Minister of Displacement and Migration Nofil Baha said on Friday (March 1) that Baghdad was working to repatriate the bodies of 50 Ezidi women who were killed by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria.

“We were informed that ISIS beheaded 50 of our Ezidi sisters in Syria’s Baghouz,” Baha said in a statement.

The bodies of the Ezidis would be repatriated to Iraq in coordination with Syria, Baha added. The minister promised to compensate the families of the victims.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported on February 25 that elite SAS troops had discovered the remains of 50 Ezidi women during the operation to take Baghouz from ISIS.

Islamic State militants attacked Sinjar and the Nineveh plain on August 3, 2014 and thousands Ezidis fell to the hands of the militant group.

Proclaiming a theocratic caliphate based on a radical interpretation of Sunni Islam, ISIS has tried to erase the Ezidis’ identity by forcing men to choose between conversion to Islam or death, raping girls as young as nine, selling women at slave markets, and forcing boys to fight for the group.

Image: NRT

Article: NRT