Iraq: Operations launched against new threat, the White Flags


Formed of ISIS militants & other remnant extremist elements, the White Flags have undermined stability in Iraq's eastern provinces

In Kirkuk and Salahuddin Provinces, a new danger has emerged that is threatening to amplify instability in the country.

The group is formed of remnant ISIS militants and other extremist elements, and has already targeted oil wells, security institutions and civilians numerous times in recent months.

This includes around the district of Tuz Khurmatu and the city of Kirkuk, which both recently came back under central government control in mid-October.

In response to this threat, the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) launched an offensive to clear the White Flags militants, focusing around the Hamrin Mountains.

While this offensive was labelled as successful by PMU officials, the White Flags highlight the threat still posed by ISIS and other extremist factions that seek to sow discord and further their insurgency-style warfare.