Iran re-opens border posts with Kurdistan Region

TEHRAN – Iran has reopened all its border crossings with the Kurdistan Region, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday (December 18), after their closure over a controversial independence vote.

Bahram Ghassemi said the two frontier crossings of Haji Omran and Parwezkhan had been reopened, without giving a specific date, after the Bashmaq frontier post began working again in October.

Iran closed the border crossings after the region on September 25 voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence at a referendum Baghdad insisted was illegal.

Iran and Turkey, which have Kurdish communities of their own, were also against the poll.

The referendum sparked a bitter standoff between the Kurds and Iraq’s central government.

Federal security forces then seized control of disputed oil-rich zones in the north of the country that had been held by the Kurds, shattering their dreams of building a viable state.

Last month, the Iraqi supreme court ruled the poll to be “unconstitutional”.

Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani earlier this month said he “respected” the ruling and had “no problem” with the federal government over the issue of border control.

The federal government has demanded the handover of border posts and airports in the Kurdistan Region.

Image: NRT

Article: NRT