Humanitarian crisis in Kurdistan region sees no end as severe weather hits camps

Between the vast mountains of the Kurdistan region, approximately 900 temporary tents were erected for IDPs who fled their inhabited areas in Nineveh province. The conditions of those displaced in the camp has become very difficult and they need fuel, clothing and other items, especially because the majority of them have suffered from poverty.

In al-Dawudiah camp, there are more than 700 displaced families from the regions of Tal Afar and Sinjar. The freezing whether in these northern regions have compounded the suffering felt by many of these displaced families. Displaced people say that the camp is facing a shortage of petroleum products as well as frequent power cuts.

We lack many several services, including electricity and oil. In the severe coldness of winter we request organisations to find a solution to our problem.” This was a plea by one of the many IDPs in the al-Dawudiah camp.

The Kurdistan Region is currently hosting 1.8 million IDPs and refugees, according to the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre’s figures, putting a strain on the region’s resources. Since October 17, when the Mosul offensive began, the Kurdistan Region has received 94,000 people displaced from the city and surrounding areas. The numbers fleeing sharply increased in the second phase of the operation, launched on December 29.