Residents of Idlib Take Advantage of the Ceasefire To Evacuate Their Homes


The ceasefire agreed upon by Russia and Turkey has allowed for local in Idlib to evacuate their belongings from their homes.

The recent ceasefire agreed upon by Russia and Turkey was put into effect in the Greater Idlib region at 06:00 on Saturday, 31 August, to put a halt to the military escalation in the region. This has provided the local residents of the region with some respite and an opportunity to take away all the previous possessions for their destroyed homes and the flee in anticipation of further military conflict.

We took advantage of the ceasefire and we came in the daytime to take some things from our house. The houses, as you see, are demolished and we came to take what is left”, said Ali Abu Muhammad, a displaced person in Idlib.

Some feel that the recent ceasefire is temporary and that it will be broken soon. As a result, they are leaving their homes in order not to find themselves in the line of fire.

We heard that there is a ceasefire and we took this opportunity and came to take some things from under the rubble. So far, the bombing has not stopped and there is no truce, it is a lie”, noted Ali al-Maqsous, another displaced person living in the Idlib region.

The Idlib region has experienced relative calm over the past few days since the implementation of the ceasefire, with only a few missiles being fired from the Syrian regime and the rebels. Nevertheless, ceasefires have been implemented in the Idlib region before, only to be broken soon after.

The Idlib region represents the final stronghold for the Syrian rebels in their fight against the Syrian regime. The regime is unlikely to allow the region to remain in the hands of the rebels and so an imminent uptick of military clashes is expected. The regime’s forces made significant progress before the recent ceasefire as it took over all rebel-held territories in the northern Hama region.