The humanitarian situation worsens in al-Khazir refugee camp due to severe weather

More than 7,000 tents have been flooded in the al-Khazir refugee camp, east of Mosul, after heavy rainfall.

IDPs living in al-Khazir are suffering from a drop in temperatures, as well as a lack of basic services and poor shelter. The camp’s poor infrastructure is largely to blame for the flooding. A lack of protective covering for the tents and poor drainage systems has led to many people leaving their tents to look for alternative shelter.

Refugee camps are often quickly built to provide shelter for IDPs fleeing conflict. However, many lack the necessary planning and infrastructure required to ensure their durability.

Iraqi forces and humanitarian organisations are under increasing pressure to provide adequate shelter and basic services to those displaced by ongoing fighting in Mosul.

Families in other parts of Mosul have decided to leave their camps and return home after Iraqi forces liberate more neighborhoods from ISIS control.