Hospital for women and children opens in Urem, Aleppo

In the town of Urem, western Aleppo countryside, a new hospital has been opened, catering to the needs of women and children in particular. The Al-Iman Hospital for Paediatrics and Women’s Health, which was built with the support of the international organisation Human Appeal, is expected to serve the needs of some 300,000 people in the greater Atarib region, of which Urem is part.

The opening of the hospital addresses a vital need that has gripped Aleppo in particular. The war that has raged in Syria has been particularly intense here and has damaged or destroyed nearly every medical facility in the region. The fighting has left thousands of Syrians lacking vital medical assistance. Although triage centres and medical professionals trained to deal with the most common injuries continue to exist out of sheer necessity, clinics that deal with specialised issues such as mental health or women’s health are far and in between.

The Aleppo Health Directorate, which manages the hospital and provides the staff with equipment and training, hopes that the opening of the Al-Iman Hospital for Paediatrics and Women’s Health will change this in a positive way. The hospital, which is open daily for 24 hours, boasts three paediatricians, two doctors specialised in women’s health, two surgery rooms, a nursery with 13 incubators and a laboratory that has already begun conducting tests. Since it was opened, the hospital has received 100 patients already.

The opening of the hospital is a welcome development for many women and children who have suffered immensely due to the war and the resultant damage caused to Syria’s healthcare sector. However, many dangers continue to bedevil the hospital. Urem is located just a few short kilometres west of Aleppo City and therefore witnesses frequent clashes between rebel and government forces. More recently, rebel infighting has plagued the region, with the reports of the rebel groups Hayy’at Tahrir al-Sham and Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki fighting in Urem itself on Friday.