Lack of support is hindering work at one of the main hospitals in Deir ez Zour

A prominent hospital in the town of al-Kasrah is currently in a beleaguered state, but, thanks to the volunteers, it is providing essential medical services to the local residents of the area.

This is known to be the only functioning hospital in the area of al-Kasrah, which is located in the province of Deir ez-Zour, a few kilometres north of Deir ez-Zour city. It is situated within the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces)-controlled areas of the province, very close to the area under the control of the regime’s Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Due to the lack of other medical facilities in the whole region, inhabitants of towns and villages from far away are coming to al-Kasrah Hospital to make the most of its services. These visitors of the hospital are keen on having similar clinics in their own areas of residence but those areas do not have sufficient resources for that purpose.

The staff at al-Kasrah Hospital themselves lament the state of the hospital. They provide first-aid services but are unable to treat patients with certain injuries and diseases. The hospital lacks equipment needed for anaesthesia, radiology and the laboratory. There are doctors who offer to provide their services but they are unable to work due to the lack of equipment. In addition, all staff are currently working for free as volunteers.

Any patients that are unable to be treated at al-Kasrah are transferred to al-Hasakah Hopsital or Tel Abyad Hospital.

Medical services throughout conflict-ridden Syria have been found to be few and far between. Those areas that do have medical clinics and hospitals are often run by volunteers as there is little possibility of providing salaries due to the dire state of the economy and the continuation of military clashes. One such area that has been afflicted by military conflict over the past few years is the province of Deir ez-Zour.

Clashes in the Deir ez-Zour province are continuing. This represents a further risk to the state of health services in the region.

Image: Aljazeera