Reconstruction of infrastructure in town of Hit is underway

ISIS occupation and the ensuing clashes between the terrorist group and the Iraqi Armed Forces over a year ago took their toll on the infrastructure of the town of Hit, situated in Anbar Province. Extensive damage to the buildings and roads of the town has required comprehensive efforts to reconstruct Hit.

Millions of Iraqi dinar are now being pumped into reconstruction projects that will cover some of the town’s neighbourhoods. Streets in the neighbourhood of Moualemeen are now being covered with asphalt. In addition, the department for sewer services is remove the clogging within the sewage system. These projects have amounted to an estimated cost of 500 million Iraqi dinar.

Further work to cover the streets of the Shuhada and Ommal neighbourhoods has been transferred to the governorate at a cost of 550 million Iraqi dinar.

Much of this money is being provided by the Reconstruction Fund, which has financed several other reconstruction projects throughout Iraq, especially in the most battered of cities, Mosul.

Construction has also begun on the main bridge in Hit, which links both sides of the city. Around 10% of the construction has been completed so far. The project is being implemented by the Directorate of Roads and Bridges of Anbar at a cost of approximately 1.4 billion Iraqi dinar.

Furthermore, the rehabilitation of Hit’s railway bridge is also a primary concern for the Reconstruction Fund as it was heavily damaged by terrorist attacks. The cost of the project is estimated to amount to around 1.3 billion Iraqi dinar. Reconstruction of the railway bridge has been assigned to the Ashour Construction Company and will take around 180 days.

The town of Hit was liberated by the Iraqi Army in April 2016 after it had been taken by ISIS in October 2014. This was part of the campaign to clear ISIS elements from their strongholds in Anbar province.

Image: Aljazeera