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Healthcare project launched in the Qana IDP camp in Hasakah


Thousands of people are still stranded in IDP camps in the north-east of Syria, including the Qana camp in Hasakah Province.

A local Syrian charity organisation called the “Yamama Charity Association” is working in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to provide healthcare services in the Qana camp for IDP (internally displaced people) in the Hasakah region of north-eastern Syria.

This recent initiative will focus on providing specialist services for the women living in the camp. Staff have been employed in the Reproductive Health Department to cater for women giving birth. This includes a team comprising a women’s doctor, a midwife, and a psychologist. They all provide medical assistance and counselling to displaced women.

In addition, the healthcare team in the camp provide individual and group lectures to spread awareness about health issues and the containment of illnesses and diseases that have affected the IDP.

The Qana camp is situated close to the town of al-Shidadi in the Hasakah Province of Syria. It is said to host over 12,000 IDP. A number of people have died from the spread of contagious diseases in the area and so the local authorities and international organisations on the ground, such as UNFPA, are eager to take precautions against the further infiltration and spread of such diseases.

Areas surrounding the Hasakah Province in Syria have witnessed intense fighting over the past few years, especially between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the regime’s Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS. Thousands of people have fled their homes from the neighbouring Deir ez-Zour Province and also from Iraq to settle in IDP camps in Hasakah Province.

Although the region has been under relative calm in recent months, there have been bouts of instability, including incursions made by ISIS, protests against recruitment into the People’s Protection Units (YPG) [a component of the SDF], and the persistent shortages of food, materials and medicine for IDP.

The vast majority of Hasakah Province is currently under the control of the Kurdish-dominated SDF.

Image: Jorf News