Former ISIS militants recount the horrific crimes committed by the group

Militants who were persuaded to join and fight for ISIS often come to the realisation of the basis of violence upon which the group was founded after being captured and taken away from them. Impressionable young men and women have been fooled into joining the ranks of ISIS through its propaganda, which makes unattainable promises and distorts the reality of terrorism.

One such young man recounts horrid scenes that he witnessed while he was a member of ISIS. He recalls how he saw a child, no older than 12, making insults and appearing to act as a “disbeliever, was decapitated by one of their militants and had his head thrown at his father. The young man is now fully aware of the gross inhumanity that ISIS represents and the depth of the false promises that the group has made to youngster in Syria, Iraq and across the globe.

Youngsters that have escaped from their clutches have come to realise the extreme totalitarian nature of the terrorist group, which seeks to impose its highly repressive doctrine on all those that it deems to be infidels and apostates, with the objective of subjugating whole populations by founding its own alleged version of an “Islamic State”.

Crimes committed by ISIS have been well documented throughout the past three or so years that the group has been active across Syria and Iraq. Former militants recount how ISIS members who be inclined to rape and slaughter those that did not fit their vision and ideology, such as minorities.

ISIS’ most important stronghold through their campaign to take control over Iraq and Syria was Mosul. Since the liberation of the city, its residents have been able to freely express the horrors through which they lived through under ISIS rule.

Civilians across the country that have been liberated have been conjuring novel methods of resistance to the memory of living under the harsh conditions of ISIS, such as through art.

ISIS disregard for the diverse cultures that have existed in Syria and Iraq has dealt huge blows to the cultural monuments of both countries, which have been heavily damaged or destroyed by the terrorist militants.

Image: Aljazeera