Iraq's Federal Police kill prominent ISIS leaders in Mosul's Old City

The Iraqi Federal Police along with the Rapid Response Forces have been engaging in fierce combat in Mosul’s Old City. ISIS have been desperately trying to hold its ground and preventing the Iraqi forces from advancing further. This has led to a deadlock, with no real advancements made over the last two weeks.

That stalemate has led to a revision of the battle plan. While the police hold down ISIS fighters in the Old City, the Golden Division is moving up the flank to surround the district, while taking areas in the western section of the city.

However, recently during a special operations mission carried out by the Iraqi Federal Police and based on the intelligence services, ISIS commander Abu Hurayra al-Tunisi was killed in Mosul’s Old City by a member of the sniper battalion of the Iraqi Federal Police. Many ISIS leaders have suffered a similar fate as a result of precise Iraqi intelligence.

Meanwhile, Ayad al-Jumaili, believed to be a deputy of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in an airstrike on Saturday 1st April. Jumaili was killed along with other IS commanders in a strike by the Iraqi Air Force in the region of al-Qaim, near the border with Syria. The commander is the most high value target killed by Iraq’s Air Force to date.