Teachers and students launch programme in Fallujah to improve education


The Rawabet Elementary School for Girls in Fallujah is taking in more girls to provide education for those deprived of it during ISIS rule.

Fallujah was ravaged by ISIS misrule and the military clashes that followed the terrorist group’s dominance in the region. This produced a tremendously difficult environment for schools and other educational institutions in the province. Students and teachers in Fallujah have suffered immensely over the past few years, but with the liberation of these areas, the education sector has been going through a rehabilitation process.

Fallujah was one of the cities that was particularly hard-hit by the ISIS presence and the liberation efforts on the part of the Iraq coalition forces. Several initiatives are being launched to improve the state of education in the city. There is also a particular emphasis on the education of girls, which was heavily restricted by ISIS.

One such school attempting to rehabilitate the state of education for girls is the Rawabet Elementary School for Girls. The school has begun to take in more and more girls, reaching a number of 350 pupils.

Other initiatives have been implemented to involve girls and women in the education sector in Fallujah. At the Khansa School for Girls, women have been employed to paint the school buildings, plant flowers and repair damaged parts. Many of the women were initially unaccustomed to the work, but with experience, they learnt to overcome the initial difficulties.

Such projects have been praised by civil society groups as they reinvigorate the role of women in society and bolster the education system, which was severely harmed by the presence of ISIS.

In addition, the city is also going through a cultural revival. The Fallujah Cultural Centre was recently founded by academics and intellectuals from the city. Founders of the Cultural Centre aim to promote scientific, philosophical and political seminars, with the hope of engaging young people and encouraging them to think in innovative and critical ways, in stark contrast to the rigid and dogmatic education system that had been imposed by ISIS.

Efforts to reconstruct and rehabilitate the city of Fallujah have also focused on areas outside the field of education, including the renovation of infrastructure and homes.

Image: Reuters