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World Failing Ezidi Women Forced Into Sex Slavery By ISIS: Charity Head


Executive Director of Yazda, an Ezidi charity organisation, Murad Ismael stated that the world has failed Ezidi women who were forced into sex slavery and faced sexual violence on the hands of ISIS. Ismael stated that there are over 3,000 women still unaccounted for.

The world is failing Ezidi women forced into sex slavery by Islamic State (ISIS) militants, with 3,000 still unaccounted for, head of a charity dedicated to helping survivors recover from their horrific experiences said.

Executive Director of Yazda, Murad Ismael, told Reuters that many Ezidi women and girls had been brainwashed or killed in captivity, while those managed to escape after years of enslavement and rape were left struggling to survive without an income or identity papers.

“Every inch of these women’s body and soul is broken,” Ismael told Reuters.

“And yet the international system is failing to embrace them and help them return to normal life,” he added.

“These girls, they just want to resume school, go back to normal. But they’re not given any income or support so many of them have to be a father and a mother to their siblings, in addition to being a survivor.”

Thousands of Ezidi women and girls were abducted, tortured and sexually abused by ISIS militants invaded Sinjar in 2014.

Nearly 3,000 women and children remain in captivity.

Image: Reuters

Article: NRT