Evacuees from Fuaa and Kefraya express their dismay towards displacement process

Surrounded by his fellow evacuees one man takes the microphone to express his dismay towards the displacement process.

He says with frustration “We are displaced, people are displaced in different areas and we are waiting here, and we do not know our fate. What will happen to us? We are homeless. Where are the officials? And why our situation is not solved yet? How long will we stay like this? Enough displacement and dislocation. We have left our land, what do they want more?”

The struggle that the citizens of Fuaa and Kefraya have gone through is truly Sisyphean. Being uprooted against their will and forced to travel across the country leaving their homes, businesses and old lives behind, they are now forced to grapple with another harsh reality in a foreign and uncomfortable city.

Conditions are harsh and the people are very frustrated. Sitting in abandoned and ruined buildings the women and children huddle together offering whatever comforts they can to each other whilst then men try to make sense of the situation with what is very limited government representation.

One elderly woman who has tears in her eye’s says “We are tired and exhausted. We have left our land and our homes, we have been surrounded for two years. How long will we stay like this?”.

It is evident to see that the four towns agreement has not met the expectations of those suffering the burdens. There is much to be desired, but for now at least they can only make due.