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Men in Ein Issa camp discuss their post conflict role in society


Men at the Ein Issa IDP camp in northern Syria were presented with cases where post-conflict societies were rebuilt thanks to the mutual contribution of men and women.

The civil society organisation Aso Network, which is active in the SDF-held territories of northern Syria, has organised another gender-focused workshop in the Ein Issa camp for internally displaced people (IDP), this time concentrating on men.

Ein Issa is located in a part of Syria that is now more or less stable from a security perspective. Civil society organisations such as Aso Network are thus able to use their expertise to focus on programs geared towards social development. This workshop focused on the role of men in a post-conflict society. The team represented cases of post-conflict societies, such as Germany after World War Two, in which men and women both contributed to reconstruction efforts.

“We have benefited from the German experience after the Second World War and how women and men cooperated to rebuild it. The subject was interesting and we learned that we must cooperate in order to rebuild our country”, mentioned Abdul Nasser al-Muhammad al-Abd, a resident of the Ein Issa camp.

The workshop also included a presentation of the inhumane and totalitarian practices of ISIS, in order to add a political and social dimension to the workshop so that society may intentionally steer away from such practices in the future, which led to the pervasive physical destruction and breaking of social bonds.

During this workshop, we have shown some documentaries about wars, the consequences of war, and the destruction that has occurred in some countries around the world. These films also dealt with how these societies can reap the effects of war and rebuild their countries with the efforts of society as a whole. During the workshop, we focused on ISIS’ practices and restrictions it imposed”, said Muhammad Ali Uthman, the trainer of the workshop affiliated with Aso Network. 

Similar workshops have been held at Ein Issa focusing on women-specific issues, such as sexual harassment and gender-based violence.