Displaced student from Nineveh scores amongst highest in Iraq


A displaced student from Nineveh has achieved one of the highest end-of-year exam scores in Iraq thanks to the support of a family in Nasiriya that took him in as one of its own.

The war against ISIS in Iraq forced hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to flee their homes and seek refuge in a safer part of the country. This is true for Kazem Marouf, who was forced to flee his home city of Mosul to live in Dhi Qar with a family that took him in and treated him as one of its own. Kazem used this generosity to his advantage, continuing with his school studies and achieving 99% in his Junior Certificate, becoming one of the highest performers in Iraq and challenging difficult circumstances to achieve success in the face of adversity.

When reporters went to visit Kazem to get his story, they did not expect to be bowled over by the “picture of humanity” demonstrated by the family that took him in in his hour of need. A man named Sayed Husain opened the door upon their arrival, and said that he took Kazem and his family in after they were forced to flee Mosul, before Kazem’s family were eventually able to return home. When Kazem stayed in Dhi Qar to complete his exams, Sayed Husain ensured that he had all the resources to focus and succeed in his studies. 

And Sayed Husain says he would do it all again, promising to be available for any family from Mosul or Nasiriya in need of refuge.

Kazem told al Iraqiya of his gratitude towards the family of Sayed Husain since he and his family were forced to flee Mosul in 2014. Kazem says that although he knew that people in Nasiriya were famed for their generosity, he did not expect the sheer humbleness, kindness and affection he has received since being there.

Kazem’s performance prompted a visit from the Director of the Ministry of Education in Dhi Qar, who gave him the education medal to celebrate his success. The ministry’s director stressed the role of the ministry in raising the academic level of the students. He told reporters, “despite the lack of resources available by the Ministry of State due to the lack of revenues and resources, we tried hard to provide them with all chances of success”.