Displaced people from Raqqa suffer from lack of shelter and food

The past 6 years of conflict in Syria has led to mass expulsions of civilians from their homes. Millions find themselves either internally displaced within camps and other cities in the country or have settled abroad.

Those who are stuck away from their homes normally suffer from a lack of shelter, food and water due to the failure of local authorities and international organisations to provide enough aid and support to civilians who have been most vulnerable throughout the conflict.

Families that have been displaced resort to desperate measures to gain a livelihood and survive in their new environments. The economic situation of these families is desperate as they lack basic necessities and are not provided with channels of employment.

They lament the lack of aid that they have been provided with and the neglect that they are experiencing from charitable and governmental organisations.

Raqqa has experienced an exodus of immense proportions as the battle to liberate the city from ISIS, which regards it as its capital in Syria, and the oppressive rule of the terrorist organisation, has forced thousands upon thousands of civilians out.

There are several camps around the region of Raqqa, especially in the zones governed by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). One such camp that has gained prominence is Ein Issa, located a few kilometres north of Raqqa. Civilians there live in treacherous conditions as taking aid to those in need is a task that poses daunting challenges to aid organisations.

The latest developments in Raqqa involve the SDF’s continued push against ISIS. SDF fighters have made recent gains in the districts of al-Amin, Rumaliyah, Rawdah and Tishreen. The majority of these districts were already secure but the outlying northern and western neighbourhoods remained under militant control.

Reports coming out of Raqqa state that the damage experienced by the city is even more extensive than what was witnessed in Mosul.

Image: Aljazeera