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Iraq: Tribal Leaders in Dhi Qhar Call on Students to Resume Education


Following of weeks of strikes at schools across Iraq in the name of solidarity with the protests, tribal leaders in Dhi Qar are calling on students to return to school.

The province of Dhi Qar in the south of Iraq has witnessed continuous protests over the past two months in the same vein as the other provinces in the south of the country. As part of the protests, schools have shut down as educational workers and students have called for strikes in solidarity with the demonstrations. Nevertheless, tribal leaders in Dhi Qar believe that it is time for the schools to resume their functions.

A number of tribal leaders gathered in the province of Dhi Qar to express their stance towards the school strikes. They now support the return of students to classes, especially younger students.

“People have come today to demand the resumption of lessons at schools that were suspended due to the demonstrations. Education, especially in the intermediate and elementary levels, has nothing to do with these events or with politics. On the contrary, we are telling protesters, who are demanding reform not to prevent students from continuing their education”, stated one of the tribal leaders in Dhi Qar.

The majority of people agree that at least students in the lower years of school should return to their lessons since they cannot be involved in the protests and in the process of political change in the country. The tribal leaders in Dhi Qar have emphasised that they do not wish the students to lag behind in their education.

“A number of tribes gathered today to demand the return of students to school because interrupting schools is not in the interest of people and students. Even if the government changes, the schools must remain open and never stop because this is in everyone’s interest”, expressed another tribal leader.

In any case, the protests across Iraq, concentrated in the capital Baghdad and the southern provinces, are continuing. Protesters have continued to demand a complete overhaul of the government as they seek the formation of a new government to run a new kind of politics in Iraq free from cronyism and sectarianism.