Deir ez-Zor Civil Council’s general center opened

DEIR EZ-ZOR– Deir ez-Zor Civil Council opened its general office during ceremonies held where hundreds of people and clans’ sheikhs and notables of the area attended.

Dozens of the area clan’s sheikhs, a delegation of Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) headed by the member of the political body in MSD Hassen Muhammad Ali, a delegation of Democratic Union Party, a delegation of the General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces headed by the commander in Forces’ General Relations Committee the sheikh Hamad al-Shuhadah, the delegation of the Interior Security Forces in addition to representatives of Deir ez-Zor women, youths, clerics and hundreds of people of Deir ez-Zor countryside liberated villages attended the ceremonies of opening the council’s office in Jazrah Bo Hamid village.

The ceremonies started by holding a minute of silence; then, the opening word was delivered by the Preparatory Committee, and it welcomed the guests. Then, many words were delivered.

The co-chair of the council Ghassan al-Youssef welcomed the attendees, and talked about the political developments in the area noting that the Middle East areas generally and Syrian areas especially are passing through a fateful historical stage, and its political map would be redrawn according to the international and regional current changes, and Ghassan al-Youssef added that Syria would play the geostrategic role in determining the future of the area so that the international and regional states intervene in the Syrian conflict.

Al-Youssef made it clear that the international and regional forces are working on activating their political agendas in Syria in order to keep the area a prey for their ambitions so the democratic forces must be the owner of a democratic project.

Al-Youssef assured that the project of the democratic nation is the only project that would be able to gather all the Syrian with all components.

Al-Youssef added “we would not accept strange people like Tunisians or Chechnyas to be our rulers. We as Deir ez-Zor people have to take responsibilities in order to restore security and safety to our homes.”

Al-Youssef noted “Deir ez-Zor Civil Council is supported by the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), and our council started working on opening the schools, qualifying again the water stations, and reopening the health centers in the cities and villages in addition to many human services.”

In conclusion, the doctor Ghassen al-Youssef appealed to Deir ez-Zor young men and women and the qualified people to contribute in working assuring that the council’s door would be open to everybody to join it.

Image: ANHA

Article: ANHA