The cost of destruction in Mosul is estimated to be 50 billion dollars

The city of Mosul has witnessed a long period of fighting, which has led to tremendous destruction of the city’s infrastructure, roads, civilian property and architecture. 80% of the main infrastructure in Mosul, which includes the electric power station, water system, health clinics, education and security institutions, have been destroyed.

There are certain buildings and facilities that require a complete renovation and so they will be demolished and rebuilt, adding to the high costs of the reconstruction of the city.

The spokesman for the office of the Prime Minister, Sa’ad al-Hadithi said that the cost of restoring the destroyed infrastructure could reach up to an estimated 50 billion dollars, according to statistics provided by the Ministry of Planning.

The same ministry estimates that the destruction caused to infrastructure and public facilities in areas controlled by ISIS amounts to a cost of over 35 billion dollars.

Despite the reliance on the Iraqi government and the municipality to fund and organise projects to rebuild the city of Mosul, they are lacking in the financial and organisation power to do so due to the years of conflict that the country has been going through.

Nevertheless, there are other actors that are willing to support the reconstruction of the city. The head of the Iraq reconstruction fund has called on the international community to help support the rebuilding of the city. The people of Mosul are not only keen on rebuilding the infrastructure, but to rebuild the multicultural fabric of the city.

As a result of the destruction, several thousands of civilians have been unable to return to their homes due to a lack of running water, electricity and general services in the city. Some, nevertheless, are returning to their homes as there is, at the very least, an air of security and safety in the city.

Image: Aljazeera