The conflict in Wadi Barada continues between regime and opposition forces

In Wadi Barada, clashes continue between Syrian government forces and opposition fighters as a resolution to solve the water crisis in the Syrian capital seems a distant reality.

Ongoing fighting reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights means that engineers are unable to access the damaged water infrastructure in Ain al-Fijah that serves 5.5 million Damascenes.

According to a local governor, a deal had been reached between the two parties to allow engineers to enter the area to conduct repairs to water supply. However, on Saturday, a head of the Wadi Barada negotiation committee, retired colonel Ahmed al-Ghabban, was assassinated, leading to a cease in negotiations. Since then, fighting in the area has resumed.

The water crisis in Damascus is having a huge toll on its population. A rise in food poisoning cases has been reported as people resort to drinking contaminated water, amid the lack of clean water for drinking and a surge in water prices.