Coalition spokesman ISIS has no answer for unified ISF and Peshmerga

MAKHMOUR — The U.S.-led Coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS) said on Wednesday (November 2) “unprecedented cooperation” between Peshmerga, Iraqi forces and the Coalition is of immense importance as the operation to regain the insurgents’ stronghold of Mosul is ongoing.

Peshmerga, Iraqi forces and the Coalition held a joint press conference on Tuesday (November 1) at the Nineveh Operations Complex in Makhmour where they discussed an assault launched on October to liberate Mosul.

The unity between Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and Peshmerga has left ISIS no answer, said a spokesman from the Coalition Air Force, Colonel John Dorrian.

“Daesh [ISIS] has no answer for the unified ISF and Pesh. We are pleased as a Coalition of 60 nations to provide loyal support at Qayyarah West [Airfield] and strikes to advance ISF ground movement,” Dorrian said, cited by the CJTF-Operation Inherent Resolve in a press release provided to NRT.

Aiming to uphold the construction and validity of the city and the safety of the people, which is a top priority for Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the Coalition Air Force is using precision-guided missiles in air strikes against ISIS positions, Dorrian added.

Iraqi Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool, an Iraqi army spokesman for the Joint Military Command, said “There has been full cooperation of all forces.”

Counter-terrorism Service (CTS) Spokesmen Sabah Noori praised cooperation between forces participating in the Mosul battle, saying they are committed to the objective and their responsibilities.

The Iraqi government is providing people displaced due to clashes between Iraqi forces and ISIS with supplies and logistics, said Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Iraqi Brig. Gen. Tahseen Ibrahim during the conference, adding, “We have also opened up safe routes as we work to preserve infrastructure during the strike campaign.”

Iraqi forces began the much-anticipated offensive to regain control of Mosul on October 17 after an official decree by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Image: ARA News

Article: NRT