Intense clashes continue between rebel forces and the Syrian army in Daraa

In the province of Daraa, in southern Syria, the Hamza Division, part of the Free Syrian Army, are engaging in fierce clashes with the Syrian government. Fighting in southern Syria has raged for several days. Clashes are heard on the opposite side of the border in the Jordanian town of Ramtha. Authorities here have suspended some schools fearing the risk of shelling on Jordanian territory. 

Residents of the northern Jordanian city of Ramtha said they are worried that with the escalation in fighting more shells might fall on their city, a repeat of an ordeal they underwent two years ago and have been suffering intermittently since then. Despite the escalation in fighting across the border, government officials have stressed that the country’s borders from the Jordanian side are safeguarded.

Syrian army aircraft along with its Russian ally carried out raids in the city of Daraa and its surroundings against the armed opposition according to activists. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is reporting the fighting said that the Syrian air force is using explosive barrels while the opposition fired ground-to-ground missiles toward the regime forces. 

Meanwhile talks have been held between the various sides and actors fighting in the Syrian Civil War to implement a ceasefire.