Civilians in Mosul suffering from psychological trauma

As the battle for Mosul continues and intensifies, approximately 600,000 civilians remain in the crossfire in the western part of the city. Iraqi forces have been careful on approach, especially in residential areas, where civilians are most vulnerable. However, the narrow and compact nature of neighbourhoods in West Mosul makes the risk of collateral damage even higher than usual.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights claims that the Iraqi forces and the airforce continue to use excessive shelling on residential neighbourhoods in Mosul. This comes at a time when the civilians inside the city are facing severe psychological trauma as a result of the war and and nearly 3 years under ISIS’ oppressive rule.

Death and destruction has become a daily feature of life inside Mosul, according to the Observatory. According to local sources, tens of houses were demolished in the areas of Farouk and Sarjakhana. Furthermore, a whole family was executed last week in al-Resala neighbourhood. According to the Observatory, nearly half a million civilians live in areas that are still under the control of ISIS, and many of them are being used as human shields by the group. The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights calls on the international coalition and the intelligence agencies responsible for setting targets to identify them accurately to prevent the injury of civilians.