Children’s suffering increase in Ain Issa camp

Al-Raqqa people and particularly children’s suffering is increasing in the Ain Issa camp due to the high temperature that exceeded 45o Celsius degree, consequently, many diseases broke out among children due to drinking the hot water.

The refugees’ number who escaped al-Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and other cities has exceeded 8,000 refugees including no less than 800 children under 10, according to the camp’s administration statistics.

The refugees are distributed to 300 small tents and 15 big ones.

Some refugees even do not have enough furniture while others completely lack tents as humanitarian organizations are turning a blind eye to their suffering, the situation being like this, refugees have to sleep under cars or some covers around the camp.

These photos show the suffering of the children and the poverty they live in because of the ignorance of children rights organizations to undertake their duties towards children.

The camp’s administration which is under al-Raqqa Civil Council’s umbrella assured that the humanitarian situation in the camp is getting worse day after day appealing to world organizations to help alleviate children suffering.

Tens of thousands of civilians have fled to the Ain Issa camp just north of ISIS’ stronghold of Raqqa with hundreds more arriving each day as fighting intensifies between the group and the SDF

Image: ANHA

Article: ANHA