Children’s Festival Aims to Introduce Local Culture in Hasakah


Different communities from the town of Rmelan, Hasakah Province, have come together to share their cultures in the spheres of music and theatre.

In the town of Rmeilan in the province of Hasakah, northeastern Syria, 35 youth teams participated in a festival under the banner “Children are the Origin of Life”.

A mixture of Kurdish and Arab teams were present and participated in the event, with many coming from nearby towns and cities, such as Qamishli. The festival lasted four days and took place in the Aram Dekran Centre for Culture and Art.

The aim of the festival was to produce theatrical and musical performances, as well as bring joy to children from the town and wider region.

“Today I presented a play entitled the Lion and the Mouse and this is the third year I participate in the festival,” said Sidra Youssef, a performer. “This year’s festival is better than previous ones.”

The organisers, too, believe that this year’s festival is better than the last, with organisation and participation much higher.

“This is our third year and we note that the festival has progressed this year. In the previous two years, there was chaos and few children participated,” said Hayam Ahmed, one of the team’s trainers. “However, now many children have participated in the festival and are very happy. Our centre’s children participated in music, dancing, and theatre.”

Other recent festivals that have taken place in Hasakah Province include the Hercules Cultural Book Fair, which took place in the city of Qamishli, featuring approximately 12,000 books.

Northeastern Syria is largely administered by the Autonomous Administration, a political entity that developed during the Syrian Conflict.