Car bomb kills, injures many civilians in al-Bab’s Suseyan

Many civilians were killed in a car bomb blast in the village of Suseyan, ten kilometers to the north of al-Bab, Orient News correspondent said.

“At least 80 civilians were killed in a car bomb blast at a Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) checkpoint at the gate of Suseyan village in al-Bab northern countryside. The death toll will definitely rise as there are critical cases among the injured,” Ambulance Without Borders said.

Some of victims were locals preparing themselves to go back to their homes in al-Bab, which was declared yesterday an ISIS-free zone.

No side has claimed responsibility for the attack, but many observers said that ISIS terrorists stood behind it after suffering the major defeat in its stronghold of al-Bab city yesterday.

Orient Net received multiple photos from the site of the attack. The photos can not be published as they are disturbing.

Reports of finding photos and documents related to ISIS terrorists, but Orient Net can not independently verify the story.

Euphrates Shield forces, supported by Turkish army, took control yesterday of the Syrian city of al-Bab in northeastern Syria after fully clearing the city from ISIS terrorists.

Image: AP

Article: Orient News