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16-day campaign against gender-based violence in Tripoli

North Africa

Held in the Libyan capital Tripoli, a 16-day campaign was launched to combat violence against women and girls

The Soha Bshara Secondary School, located in the Libyan capital Tripoli, hosted a lecture this week on how to combat the issue of gender-based violence. The school welcomed over 50 women to the lecture, which was organised by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Libya.

Among the attendees were local women, as well as people from the Soha Bshara School itself, with participants stressing the need to tackle the subject delicately.

“The female mentors and students in the school are one of the target groups,” said one of the participants. “We wanted to reflect the concept of violence in a way that is compatible with our customs, traditions, and religion.”

The lecture held at the Soha Bshara School forms part of a wider 16-day campaign implemented by UNFPA to address gender-based violence. The campaign aims to spread awareness and educate people about the issue through dialogue and consultation.

“These programs are primarily educational and awareness-based, aimed at reducing violence against women, which is widespread, and violence against children more generally,” said another participant. “We know that violence leads to bullying and this has spread into schools and sometimes this leads to violence, beatings, and injury to some students”.

“We hope there will be intensive and awareness-raising programs against violence in general,” she continued.

UNFPA has established 4 safe spaces for women in the eastern, western, and southern areas of Libya, which are all split among different spheres of political contestation. In these areas, women and girls continue to learn livelihood skills and receive advice and consultation on reproductive health and gender-based violence.