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Vote On Remaining Cabinet Positions Delayed Until Dec 6 After Quorum Lost


Iraq - The vote on the eight remaining cabinet positions has been delayed until Thursday after the loss of quorum in the Iraqi Council of Representatives. Tuesday's session was marred by boycotts and a scuffle between MPs.

The Council of Representatives has delayed until Thursday a vote on the eight remaining cabinet positions because of a loss of quorum.

Parliament had been due to vote on Tuesday (December 4) on Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi’s nominees, but the session was marred by boycotts and a scuffle between members, according to NRT Digtial Media reporter Omed Mohammed.

A number of parties boycotted the session, including the Sairoon List, Nasr List, National Wisdom, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the New Generation Movement, the Gorran Movement, the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG).

According to Mohammed, several members of Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s Sairoon List objected to Speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi’s determination that there was quorum in the chamber and that a vote on the nomination of Falih al-Fayaz for minister of the interior could proceed.

A physical altercation then broke out between several members.

The session was then delayed by at least half an hour, but was never able to recover quorum, prompting the delay.

Mohammed added that Sairoon and the PUK were boycotting because their preferred candidates had not been nominated.

Late on Monday, Abdul Mahdi had announced that he was nominating Faysal al-Jarba as Minister of Defense, Falih al-Fayaz as Minister of Interior, Qusay al-Suhail as Minister of Higher Education, Saba al-Tai as Minister of Education, Abdul-Amir al-Hamdani as Minister of Culture, Hana Gorges as Minister of Displacement and Migration, Dara Nour al-Din as Minister of Justice, and Nouri al-Dulaimi as Minister of Planning.

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Article: NRT