Blast in Jordan’s Rukban border camp kills 4

An explosion on Thursday (May 4) killed four people and injured several people in a market near the Syrian Rukban refugee camp located on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

The Hala Akhbar site says the blast went off on Thursday evening in the Rukban camp that houses about 80,000 displaced Syrians.

The site says clashes erupted between armed groups and that shots were heard.

The Jordanian newspaper al-Ghad reported that the explosion took place near a livestock market on the outskirts of al-Rukban camp, noting that the explosion was followed by heavy firing.

A local Jordanian news website, Al-Medina, says the explosion was set off by a car bomb.

Activists on social networking sites said that several people were reported killed or injured after a bomb detonated near a motorcycle belonging to one of the residents in the camp.

The camp is home to 80,000 Syrian refugees displaced by the war and was randomly constructed in an arid remote area near the extreme northeast of Jordan, close to the joint borders with Syria and Iraq. It lies along the Rukban demilitarized berm between Jordan and Syria, a no man’s land.

The refugee camp has already witnessed several bombings and attacks, killing or injuring a number of people. Humanitarian organizations say the conditions in the camp are extremely poor due to lack of food and medicine.

The Jordanian government continues to close its border with Syria over what it describes as security concerns after ISIS carried out a suicide bombing at a Jordanian army checkpoint that killed six soldiers in June.

Image: Al-Ghad

Article: Orient News