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Ballots in Six Iraqi Provinces Match Previous Electronic Results: IHEC


Officials in The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) have stated that the results of the manual recount show that no fraud has taken place in over 85 ballots boxes recounted in Qadisiya Province, in Southern Iraq.

The results for manual vote recount of Iraq’s disputed election for six provinces in south and central Iraq show all of the ballots matched the previous electronic results.

NRT reporter in Erbil, Umed Mohammed cited officials for Iraqi High Electoral Commission as saying no change happened to 85 ballot boxes recounted over fraud in the province of Qadisiyah.

In the province of Samawah, 93 ballot boxes were opened and %100 of the results matched the previous electronic outcomes, said Mohammed.

He added that there was no evidence to prove that votes have been rigged in the provinces of Mithan, Ziqar, Wasit, Qdisiyah, Musana and Basra.

The number of ballot boxes set to be opened in the governorates of Anbar and Salahadin amounted to be 926, the IHEC said.

Iraq’s electoral commission introduced electronic voting and vote counting to eliminate electoral fraud for the parliamentary election on May 12. Several parties, however, complained about the new system.

The Iraqi parliament approved a third amendment to the election law on June 6, ordering a nationwide manual recount of votes for the parliamentary election because of widespread reports of fraud.

Image: NRT

Article: NRT