Autonomous Administration Takes In More IDPs From Idlib


The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria continues to see an inflow of displaced people from the Idlib region.

Despite the recent ceasefire implemented by Russia and Turkey in the Idlib region, military clashes are persisting and local residents are continuing to flee from their homes.

Most of the displaced people are avoiding areas under the control of the Syrian regime and are seeking shelter in neighbouring territories governed by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. The Autonomous Administration has been preparing to take in more displaced people from the Idlib region and has set up new IDP camps to accommodate the new arrivals.

“I am the head of the Social Affairs Committee. After a month and a half of work, a special camp was prepared for people arriving from the city of Idlib in the Jadidet Al-Homor area. Today, twenty-five families, which were in the old eastern Manbij camp, were transferred to Jadidat Al-Homor camp. We are working to move other displaced families in the coming days”, stated Asma Ramou, Co-Chair of the Social Affairs Committee.

Without the work done by the Autonomous Administration, many displaced people who have been left stranded. International aid organisations have reduced their activities in the region in recent months and neighbouring Turkey has been seeking to deport Syrian refugees rather than accommodate any more.

“From Jadidet Al-Homor camp in the countryside of Manbij and in the name of the families and those displaced from the Idlib governorate, I thank the military and political leaders for building Jadidat Al-Homor camp. Also, I thank every institution that contributed to this achievement and humanitarian work to receive those displaced from the city of Idlib, Aleppo countryside and north-western Syria”, expressed Ahmad al-Sultan Abu Arraj, head of Political Relations in Jaish al-Thuwwar.

The capacity of the Autonomous Administration to deal with the displacement crisis has waned in recent months due to the military escalation in the region following the Turkish-backed Operation Peace Spring. Nevertheless, the regional authorities are allocating resources to resolve, or at least mitigate, the problem.