Iraqi artist restores life to historical artifacts destroyed by ISIS

An Iraqi artist in the Iraqi city of Erbil is producing clay miniatures of ancient Assyrian ruins destroyed by ISIS in the city of Nimrud.

Ninaus Thabit, a student of College of Fine Arts at the University of Mosul, described his dismay at the destruction of the historical ruins: “Of course, it does hurt when you see the ruins of a civilisation that existed in your country thousands of years ago destroyed in minutes, especially when you’re interested in ruins and arts in general.”

Nimrud, which was founded in the 13 century BC and lies on the Tigris River, was overrun by ISIS militants in 2014, and retaken by Iraqi forces on 13 November 2016. In April 2015, ISIS released a video displaying the destruction of historical monuments, including Assyrian statues.

Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism, Qais Rasheed, estimated that around 70 percent of Nimrud’s historical ruins have been destroyed.