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Innovative Measures Taken By Arab Countries Against Coronavirus

Middle East

New technology and innovation have emerged across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as all aspects of society support government efforts to overcome the coronavirus crisis. 

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to spread across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As the number of those infected globally reaches almost 740,000, businesses and governments in the MENA Region are adapting to the current crisis.

Businesses are using their resources and technology to support governments in dealing with the pandemic. In Tunisia, hi-tech ‘P-Guard’ robots were deployed in the capital in order to monitor compliance with the country’s lockdown. The robots were manufactured by local Tunisian company ENOVA Robotics.

In Lebanon, an artificial respirator was made by Kousra Sakr, an engineer whose company I. Network Automation usually specialises in the manufacture of industrial robots. The company is providing hospitals in Lebanon with the design and manufacturing programme for the respiration device in order to help them cope with the national shortage.

Factories in many Arab countries are also doing their bit. In Algeria, textile company GETEX are manufacturing protective masks to help with the shortage of medical equipment. Volunteer groups are distributing protective gear and sterilisation equipment across the country. In Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates, local tailors and factories are also using their resources to produce protective gear.

The mobilisation of businesses in the MENA Region shows the willingness of the public to support their health sectors. In many countries in the region, medical facilities lack the resources and medical professionals needed to cope with an outbreak.

Governments across the region are also stepping up measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Curfews have been enforced, borders have been closed, flights have been cancelled and schools and universities have been closed.

Governments are also taking measures to protect their economies, which are already suffering due to the global pandemic. A report released by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission last week found that unemployment will rise by 1.2% as the outbreak impacts businesses across the region.