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Career Centre Opens Providing Job Opportunities For Youth In Aleppo


The Centre for Popular Education in the city of Qabasin in the eastern countryside of Aleppo has opened its doors for youth seeking to learn a trade to improve their employment opportunities.

The Centre for Popular Education has opened its doors to trainees in the city of Qabasin, which is located in the eastern countryside of Aleppo Province. The centre is divided into two groups, one for males and another for females. The centre trains students in many professions such as sewing, nursing and shaving, while other training courses on the use of computers and maintenance of mobile phones are provided.

The opening of the career centre has been coordinated between the Department of Education in the Local Council and the Turkish authorities, which have supported the establishment of the centre by providing funds and equipment.

The Centre provides all the necessary training for the participants for free. The number of students registered at the Centre is more than 150 males and 250 females who are all distributed throughout various sections of the Centre.

“I have attended the session for about 4 months and benefited a lot. The course is good and anyone who does not have a career can come here and benefit”, said Muhammad Jameel, a participant of the course provided by the Centre for Popular Education.

The area in and around the city of Qabasin is governed by Syrian rebel forces that are backed by the Turkish authorities. The area is surrounded by the Kurdish-dominated areas to the east and Syrian regime-held areas to the south. Many of the rebel-held areas in the north of Syria, including in Aleppo Province, are dependent on support from Turkey to sustain their economic, political and social activities.

The security situation in the region is still unstable as both the Syrian regime and Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are keen on regaining areas captured by the Turkish-backed rebels. Turkey has threatened to capture the region of Manbij on a number of occasions – an area that borders the rebel-held territories around the city of Qabasin.

Image: Halab Today