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Aboul Gheit: Battle Continues Against Terrorism Aimed At Targeting Young Minds

North Africa

Arab League Secretary-General, Aboul Gheit, warned that ISIS and other extremist groups continue to target young people and radicalise them.

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit stressed the importance of immunizing young people with tolerance and a sense of belonging to their homeland.

In a speech at the opening of a preparatory meeting held by the Economic and Social Council ahead of the 2019 Arab Summit, he said that the resumption of holding development summits within the joint Arab action system implies that Arab governments have realized the challenges facing the Arab world are complex and interrelated.

He stressed that these challenges could only be faced through policies that combine economic instruments and social programs along with any security or political measures.

“Arab development march has suffered a major setback in some countries whose cities were destroyed and their inhabitants were subject to losses and displacements,” Aboul Gheit said, stressing that half of the world’s refugees come from the Arab region.

He warned from ISIS, which has become part of many societies, adding that the battle is continuing against terrorism aimed at targeting young people’s minds and pushing them forward to carry out extremist acts.

He highlighted the importance of investing in the most beneficial and effective human beings, who are educated, in good health condition and are aware, trained and prepared for the future.

The Secretary-General also talked about economic issues to be discussed during the summit, including striking a balance between the demographic reality on the one hand and the data on water, food and energy on the other hand.

One of the recommendations submitted to the summit is a draft resolution on the dates for holding the regular and developmental summits: economic and social.

It includes the approval of holding the two summits together once every for four years, provided that this takes place after holding the fifth session of the development summit in Mauritania in 2023.

Saudi Minister of Finance Mohammed al-Jadaan, for his part, said that Arab aspirations in the field of development need more coordination and cooperation to meet Arabs’ requirements in various development areas, especially the economic one.

The summit adopts many Arab strategies in the economic and social sectors, mainly aimed at supporting the joint Arab action, Jadaan added.

While Tunisian Trade Minister Omar El Behi said Arab joint economic action is a strategic choice for the Arab countries in light of globalization and competition and Arab state’s approach towards joining strong international economic blocs.

Image: Reuters

Article: Asharq al-Awsat