806 Civilians Evacuated Since 5 April As A Result Of Tripoli Fighting

North Africa

The Ambulance and Emergency service of the Tripoli Ministry of Health has carried out 806 civilian evacuations since 5 April trapped in the fighting around Tripoli.

Tripoli’s Ambulance and Emergency service, aligned to the Faiez Serraj Ministry of Health, reported yesterday that its teams have carried out 806 evacuations of civilians trapped in areas of Greater Tripoli’s fighting over 174 days, or since the outbreak of fighting around the capital Tripoli on 5 April.

Statistics from the agency showed that 265 were evacuated and 530 wounded were rescued in April, taken to hospitals and clinics inside and outside the capital Tripoli.

In May 139 evacuations and 192 wounded were rescued from various locations of the clashes.

Evacuations carried out by ambulance and emergency teams during June were 137 and 298 injured.

The number of evacuations carried out by ambulance and emergency teams during the month of July were 26, while the number of evacuations during the month of August were 131.

During the period from 1 to 25 September the number of evacuations carried out by the ambulance and emergency services reached 108.

Article: Libya Herald

Image: Tripoli Ministry of Health