More than 350 displaced families reach Afrin

More than 350 families from several areas in Syria, which are witnessing clashes and security tension, have reached the refugee camps in the Afrin region, amid the limited potential of the camps due to the failure of the organizations, especially as the winter approaches.

The Afrin region is the destination for displaced people from various Syrian region and cities since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, seeking security and freedom. Due to the high number of displaced persons, the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the area has opened the Robar camp in the village of Basilê in the area of Shêrewa in Afrin canton to accommodate the displaced, and secure their belongings.

In this context, 350 displaced families, consisting of 900 people, mostly children and women, from Deir ez-Zor and al-Raqqa, and the Syrian areas occupied by the Turkish occupation army mercenaries from Qatima village crossing in Shera district arrived at the Robar camp for the refugees.

Among the displaced were children carrying baggage beyond their capacity, but the joy and happiness they and their families reaching to the safe areas and avoided the specter of death who he was pursuing them.

In this context, Muhammed Hussein one of the camp’s supervisors pointed out they received a large number of displaced people this morning. “once they arrived, we secured the necessary supplies for them after the necessary security measures were taken.

The influx of displaced people to Afrin canton comes amid a shortage of camps, especially medical facilities, due to the failure of the international organizations concerned to carry out their duties towards these displaced persons, especially as the winter approaches and temperatures lowers.

It is mentioned that a child died of severe cold in Robar camp in Afrin canton last year. The Social Affairs and Labor Authority blamed the death of the child on humanitarian organizations for not caring about the situation of the displaced.

Image: ANHA

Article: ANHA